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Jules’ Workshop Was a Turning Point in My Life

Jules O’Neill’s workshop that I attended was a turning point in my life. Beforehand I felt worn out, disconnected from who I am and like my life had lost its luster.
Now I’m firmly back in the driver’s seat, with a full tank of fuel and the open road ahead of me – woohoo!

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Rescued From My Breakdown and Stopped Blaming My Family

Six weeks ago I felt like I was having an absolute breakdown. I was emotionally a mess, my husband was away on a conference for four days, I had just given up smoking, I was working long hours and I had lost touch with my daughter who I decided was the devil incarnated.

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Finding Life’s Purpose

When I started working with Jules O’Neill, I was struggling in my role as a carer. I had been caring for my husband who had been ill and unable to work for some time. He required a great deal of care but was a very proud man who did not want to need this sort of support.

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No More Doubt or Fear

I first started working with Jules about 4 years ago.
My acupuncturist recommended I attend one of her courses for ongoing aliments. I was unhappy with my situation and unsure how to empower myself to change.

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End to Son’s Regular Vomiting

My youngest son would vomit for 1 to 2 days every 3 to 4 weeks. We kept a record of his diet but there was no consistency between what he had eaten and the vomiting.
We took him to our Doctor who took blood and stool samples which all came back clear. I decided to use the charts and test him.

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Positive Outcome for Me and My Daughter

I cannot tell you how much last weekend meant. It was totally inspirational and very special for me and my daughter.
Going from 11/10 on a scale of how much she hated me to negative was pretty awesome.

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Cured My Itch

My body had developed an annoying and constant itch. I could not get any relief.
One telephone session with Jules left me feeling light and calm. Upon waking the following morning my itch had gone.

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Body Consciousness is a brilliant product that gives me awareness, major life change and expansion. Jules and her incredible system helped me to embrace and understand the very thing that was holding me back from what I truly desire.

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Young Girl’s 38 Warts Gone

Hi, I am 12 years old and I have had great results having individual treatments with Jules using the Body Consciousness system. At the age of ten I started to get warts all over my legs, arms and mostly my fingers. Having these on my body made me feel really embarrassed and uncomfortable in public.

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Teenage Son Saved

We are forever grateful for what Jules has done to help our teenage son. Jules and her work has helped our family more than words can express. We are very grateful that we have this in our lives.

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Communicating Effectively

I am so grateful to Jules and the Body Consciousness System for all the wonderful results that I see with my daughter! It is like a load has been lifted from my mind, or a flower blooming in spring, to watch her just be the most amazing girl that she is!

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Beautiful Endings

Thanks for your helping hand Jules – I split with my partner yesterday and feel like myself again. Our last 48hrs were as good (if not better) than our first, and I spoke my truth. We made the ending beautiful and my heart feels whole – not broken.

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