Jules’ Personal Story

Jules will help you manage your emotions well and live a happy life.

Jules’ Personal Story

Jules O’Neill is awesome at reading energy and giving accurate awareness.

From a very young age, Jules has always loved helping people through challenging spaces, and naturally attracted people who were facing big life events, such as death and abuse.

Very early on, she discovered she had a gift in being able to soothe the person and help them see the light in the darkest of spaces. Once this was done, the individual felt light and moved forward in their life.

Jules journeyed through life, unconsciously following the conditionings that were programed into her from society: get a job, get married, buy a house, have children, be social and fit in. Every time she gave herself this ‘conditioned lifestyle’, she lost herself and let go of her dreams. Like many of us, she blamed the outside experience, rather than looking deeply within.

Little did Jules realise, bubbling away in her unconscious were many outdated, limiting, conditioned beliefs that were in conflict with what was in her heart. What was in her heart was to make a positive impact and contribute to the planet in ways that she loved!

Jules is a creative, spiritual, connected woman who has wholeheartedly immersed herself in her creations! She began to follow a path into the corporate world as a young successful National Buyer for a leading supermarket chain. This gave her worldly experience and an understanding of the corporate culture. However, after a while she felt an intuitive calling to help people and branched out into bringing to life her own creative dreams.

Her first big idea was a vegetarian restaurant in the mid 90’s. She loved the idea of feeding people healthy, organic and fresh food. Jules’ partner at the time and herself, created an amazing self-healing system, called NSR. Following that was the creation of Women’s Wisdom, which helped women become self-aware in their families and homes.

Jules then created a modality called Body Consciousness that enabled her to undo some of the biggest, tightest and emotional internal knots that people suffered from. For example, she was able to help people and their families move through abuse, financial loss, death, suicide, childhood blocks, uncomfortable family issues, disabilities, cancers and viruses. They were then able to move into living a life that they authentically loved, regardless of outside circumstances.

Jules has pioneered a number of different ideas, concepts and models that have changed lives, saved lives and forged new and original opportunities. All of these creations started with heart, a vision and strong momentum to grow and create a positive impact.

However, after a while, one common thread began to shine through. She would reach a certain level of growth and impact, but would lose momentum and direction. She soon realised it was a repressed and unresolved childhood issue.

Once Jules became aware of this, she slowed down her life and took time to connect within, realign and be still. She gave herself the healing and time needed to pull apart the emotional and internal knots. This enabled her to create new beliefs that supported her visions to grow and to feel confident and solid again.

From Jules’ personal and professional experience, everything that isn’t flowing on the outside is because something isn’t flowing on the inside. The way to explore what is on the inside is to look at who you are in the home: how you show up, how you treat people, how you allow others to treat you, how you relax, how you play, your family relationships and how honest you are with yourself and others.

Everything goes back to how we’ve been conditioned by our birth family and society. Many times, this is in conflict with our life path and heart’s direction. What Jules has seen and discovered is that if we ignore our heart and truth, challenging situations on the outside will continue to show up. For example, relationship issues, financial struggles or health challenges.

If you would love to see Jules one to one, please visit her Pink Diamond page under Packages for more information.

If something in your life isn’t flowing or your emotions are affecting how you live, she is able to help you in many ways.

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