Jules’ Personal Story

Your emotional body is your strength!

Jules’ Personal Story

Jules O’Neill is awesome at reading energy and giving accurate awareness!

From a very young age, Jules has always loved helping people through challenging spaces and naturally attracted people who were facing big life events, such as death and abuse.

Very early on, she discovered she had a gift in being able to soothe the person and help them see the light in the darkest of spaces. Once this was done, the individual felt light and moved forward in their life.

She began to follow a path into the corporate world as a young successful National Buyer for a leading supermarket chain. This gave her worldly experience and an understanding of the corporate culture. However, after a while, she felt an intuitive calling to help people and branched out into bringing to life her own creative dreams.

Her first big idea was a vegetarian restaurant in the mid-’90s. She loved the idea of feeding people healthy, organic and fresh food.
Jules’ and her partner at the time, created an amazing emotional self-healing system, called NSR. Following that was the creation of Women’s Wisdom®, which helped women become emotionally self-aware in their families and homes.

Jules then created a modality called Body Consciousness® that enabled her to undo some of the biggest, tightest and emotional internal knots that people suffered from. For example, she was able to help people and their families move through the emotional stress from abuse, financial loss, death, suicide, childhood blocks, uncomfortable family issues, disabilities, cancers and viruses. They were then able to move into living a life that they authentically loved, regardless of outside circumstances.

After 20 years of helping tens of thousands of people with their life issues and emotional conundrums, she then intuited the Emotionally HAPPY HOMES® healing system and concepts. Jules realised that phenomenal transformations occurred when people began to address the emotional stress in their own homes.

Practising spiritual intelligence and emotional maturity with the people they live with, gave them the courage to communicate honestly to one another, including themselves, what they felt when they felt it. In ways that delivered positive results. Rather than repressing, putting up with, ignoring or fighting with the emotional stress. Finally, the deep ancestral knots and unconscious sociality conditionings could be healed, transformed understood and managed.

Jules then saw people started to naturally live healthy, fulfilling, peaceful, creative lives. Believing they could follow their heart’s desires and live the life they imagined. Transforming their homes into a place of love, connection, warmth and creativity.
If you would love to transform yourself and home, please purchase her Emotionally HAPPY HOMES® book or audio series. To see Jules one on one, please visit her one on one page.

If something in your life isn’t flowing or your emotions are affecting how you live, she is able to help you in many ways.
It all starts at home!

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