Daily Inspiration

Hello Gorgeous Soul…

This page has the intention to inspire you and give you intuitive direction.

The idea is that you have a question, or are desiring clarity and direction about something. You could also want direction for the day ahead.

Enter your inspiration number

Instructions on how to use this page

  1. Think of your question, direction or curiosity at present.
  2. Once you have that, pick a number between 1 and 269
  3. Depending on what you choose, read the instructions below to relate further.

Relate Further

  • If you pick an ‘I AM’ quote – own it and sit with it for the day.
  • If you pick a ‘I LOVE YOU MORE THAN’ quote – send that message to someone you
  • If you pick a nature shot – get into nature and you’ll receive your solutions.
  • If you choose a quote with ‘JULES’ in it – book in and receive Jules’ contribution.
  • If you pick a regular quote – take it into your day and let your higher mind and intuition
    guide you.

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