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Jules O ‘ Neill Speaking Enquiries

Jules O’Neill supports and encourages women to reach their goals through her speaking engagements, her book Emotionally Happy Homes, and her one-on-one consultations.

Her speaking style is savvy, approachable and relatable and she warmly shares her message through speaking events and interviews on the following subjects:

Why create an emotionally happy home?
Parenting – any topic
Relationships – any topic
How to live a life of your dreams – via your heart and your way
Emotional Stress – What it is and how it the root of ALL our issues in and outside of home.
Family Stress – any topic
Aging with Vitality – how it is possible to do this
Health & Wholefood eating – any topic
Expressing your creativity – any topic
Freedom in family and relationships – how to create this and live it

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Be inspired, educated and entertained as Jules shares her strategies, techniques and tips to create emotional harmony. She will guide your attendees and listeners in recognising the early symptoms of emotional stress to enable them to take action.

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