About Jules

Your emotional body is your strength!

Welcome beautiful souls!

For more than two decades, I’ve helped people to create emotional harmony in themselves and their homes, regardless of what may have happened in their past.

I guide you in recognising the early symptoms of emotional stress to enable you to take action before things build up and get out of control.

My work will help you align with your heart and hear the voice of your higher self so that you make choices that give you emotionally happiness.


More specifically, I support and empower you to:
Create a home to be a place where you confidently transform, understand and manage your emotional stress.
Let go and resolve the deep childhood, ancestral or social ‘stuff’ you are unconsciously holding on to.
Create a home culture where you do not judge yourself or each other.
Be completely yourself in the home, with your family and birth family.
Continually grow in areas that create a sense of personal trust and fulfilment.
Listen to your emotions and know that they’re your direct link to the wisdom in your heart and higher self.
Understand that your inner emotional world directs your choices that create your outer world.
Learn how to candidly communicate in emotionally uncomfortable situations with your family and birth family.
If your past experiences, family issues or lack of self-confidence is getting in the way of you feeling emotionally happy, my work will be of great help to you.

I can help you in the following ways:

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