Emotionally Happy Homes™

All about creating Emotionally HAPPY HOMES™ and understanding and managing Emotional Stress.

What you receive:

8 awesome MP3s!

Each MP3 is about 1 hour long. They are educational and informative about what an Emotionally HAPPY HOME™ is, why emotional stress occurs and how to manage it within yourself, the home and with others.

Value: $99

How these will help you

The purpose of this program is to provide you with help in relation to addressing and managing emotional stress effectively in your home, in yourself and with others. I am talking about everyday things that happen in the home, that we all experience and wish could be different.

The content includes:

What is an Emotionally HAPPY HOME™

How to manage emotional stress

The steps needed in being emotionally happy

Understanding your emotions and how to express them in the home with others

…and thousands of other relatable concepts and examples, that help yourself and the people in your home in day to day life.

How to break free from emotional obligation

What to do if you, your partner or child are feeling grumpy or distant

Heaps of great communication ideas, especially in challenging situations

Understanding the value of creating an Emotionally HAPPY HOME™ culture

The content is designed to be insightful, to provide effective solutions and leave you feeling like you can understand how to work with emotional stress when it arises in you and your home.

Your home is your heart! You deserve to ‘feel’ that!

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