Emotionally Happy Homes™

If you’re emotionally stressed, I can help you.

Do you relate to this?

Are you emotionally overwhelmed and stressed?

Are you time poor and cannot stop to relax?

Are you worried about money – whether you have it or not?

Are you fighting in your relationship with your partner, children or in your mind?

Do you feel insecure, unsure, anxious or worried?

Do you find it challenging to open up, be vulnerable and authentically ask for what you want?

Is it hard to be still, relax and take time out for fun and play?

Are you scared of being judged or criticised if you do ask for what you want?

Are you able to trust yourself and follow your heart instinct?

Are you enjoying the ‘journey’ as well as the hopeful ‘destination’?

When you join my membership programs, or download an audio, you will receive tips and techniques to:

Manage your emotions well

Understand what your emotions are saying to you

Assist you in creating an Emotionally HAPPY HOME™

Communicate clearly, kindly and presently with yourself and others

Communicate authentically and effectively in uncomfortable situations

Assist you in becoming emotionally fit and emotionally aware

Open up your creativity and confidence to action it

Memberships will help you address and resolve the emotional stress in yourself and in your home.

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Excited to Live Life Again

“Thank you, Jules – you have helped me to change my life forever and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

thumb_02_60_60 Liz

Harmony in Family and Home

“Jules helped me to change myself and my attitude at home to create a more loving and harmonious family life.”

thumb_03_60_60 Kathryn

Addressing the Emotional Helps the Physical

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom, our son has not had a vomiting incident since.”

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