Women’s Wisdom Workshop

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Adult: $330 | Teenager: $110

Women’s Wisdom Workshop

This is a two-day workshop specifically for women and mums looking for spiritual growth and an understanding of themselves. Jules shares her knowledge and skills in identifying your own daily stress and gives you the tools to that create alignment and emotional happiness.

Jules shares practical tools to helps mums communicate with their young children or grandchildren, understand their needs and deal with the distress that leads to tantrums, outbursts, sleeping issues and emotional meltdowns.

Your increased intuitive ability creates closer relationships with your exploring teenager, your partner or any other stressed family member. This naturally builds stronger connections and trust throughout the whole home and family and helps us all become who they are destined to be.

By understanding your emotional responses that the people in your home are experiencing and developing a candid communication around that, creates a loving space, where we can all safely explore them. It allows relationships to flow with honesty, happiness and confidence.

The workshop teaches you how to talk to your body to manage and resolve emotional stress. It also covers how to clear and create peaceful energy in the home. The workshop has a special segment for balancing hormones on a daily basis through your cycle or if in menopause.

Having the tools to identify and adjust patterns of behaviour in yourself, your partner and your children, is the essence of creating a healthy and happy home. A home where everyone can be at peace within themselves and with the others in the home, even when there are different points of views. A home there is compassion and patience with each other, rather than blame or judgement.

When each member of the family unit knows themselves, and has a consciousness of their behaviour and patterns, they are able to grow and evolve into the people they imagine.

It creates the wind under your wings to go for your dreams.

Bring Your Teenage Daughter

Your teenage daughter is welcome to attend this workshop, where she will increase her own awareness and develop her discern for others, as she navigates her teenage years.

Women’s Wisdom is a connected source of information, education, application and self-soothing action that is also oceans of fun.

Email us if you would love to host a workshop in your area.
Adult: $330 | Teenager: $110

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