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Finding Life’s Purpose

When I started working with Jules O’Neill, I was struggling in my role as a carer.

I had been caring for my husband who had been ill and unable to work for some time. He required a great deal of care but was a very proud man who did not want to need this sort of support.

Caring for him was very challenging, not just for the need to be on call 24/7 but because he resented being cared for.

I worked with Jules over a period of several years during which time my husband moved from living at home to living in care and then to his death. Throughout this time the Jules enabled me to move from being totally chaotic and unable to have a life of my own, to a place where I could begin to see that I had the right to live a life that was satisfying and meaningful; moving from a place where I really could not see how I could possibly continue, to being able to see a more positive future, whatever happened with my husband.

After his death I worked again to begin to create a new future for me – at first I could not see how I would go on as my life’s purpose for so many years had been built around his care, I initially did not feel that I had any purpose or reason to continue.

Now, thanks to working with Jules and support, I have begun to live again and I can now see that there is a positive future for me.

More Gratitude

Jules’ Workshop Was a Turning Point in My Life

Jules O’Neill’s workshop that I attended was a turning point in my life. Beforehand I felt worn out, disconnected from who I am and like my life had lost its luster.
Now I’m firmly back in the driver’s seat, with a full tank of fuel and the open road ahead of me – woohoo!

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Rescued From My Breakdown and Stopped Blaming My Family

Six weeks ago I felt like I was having an absolute breakdown. I was emotionally a mess, my husband was away on a conference for four days, I had just given up smoking, I was working long hours and I had lost touch with my daughter who I decided was the devil incarnated.

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No More Doubt or Fear

I first started working with Jules about 4 years ago.
My acupuncturist recommended I attend one of her courses for ongoing aliments. I was unhappy with my situation and unsure how to empower myself to change.

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