Emotionally Happy Homes

Communicating Effectively

I am so grateful to Jules and the Body Consciousness System for all the wonderful results that I see with my daughter! It is like a load has been lifted from my mind, or a flower blooming in spring, to watch her just be the most amazing girl that she is!

My darling girl has had some great frustrations and has found it very difficult to express herself, both at school and home. She is communicating to us now, she is aware of how she behaves and how she appears for others.

She understands that when you are nice to others they are nice back!!!

More Gratitude

Cured My Itch

My body had developed an annoying and constant itch. I could not get any relief.
One telephone session with Jules left me feeling light and calm. Upon waking the following morning my itch had gone.

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Body Consciousness is a brilliant product that gives me awareness, major life change and expansion. Jules and her incredible system helped me to embrace and understand the very thing that was holding me back from what I truly desire.

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Young Girl’s 38 Warts Gone

Hi, I am 12 years old and I have had great results having individual treatments with Jules using the Body Consciousness system. At the age of ten I started to get warts all over my legs, arms and mostly my fingers. Having these on my body made me feel really embarrassed and uncomfortable in public.

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