Pink Diamond Membership

The Pink Diamond service is V.I.P! If you consider yourself V.I.P and would love to receive Jules’ services one on one, then this is the place of contact.

Jules is awesome at reading energy and giving accurate awareness!

Jules is able to transform any emotional stress into conscious clarity!

Jules is able to tune in and help you transform the unconscious into the conscious! From that space, you can make choices that uplift, inspire and follow the path of your heart. Whatever is presently causing you confusion, emotional stress, chaos, discomfort, overwhelm, anxiety or depression in your physical, chemical, emotional or energetic body can be shifted with the gift of awareness.

Jules has a unique gift, skill and talent in being able to read the consciousness of your body, and together with you, gather the necessary awareness for your clarity, direction and happiness.

Depending on what your body requires, we move forward from there.

It could be one or a combination of the following:

Emotionally HAPPY HOMES® Balance

Body Consciousness® Physical Body Balance

Body Consciousness® Organ and Gland Balance

Body Consciousness® Learning and Brain Function Balance

Body Consciousness® Chakra Balance and/or Secondary Chakra Balance

Body Consciousness® Full Balance

Body Consciousness Related Spiritual Growth® Awareness

Women’s Wisdom® Energy in the Home Balance

Women’s Wisdom® Hormonal Balance

Start Your Journey

If this all feels light and exciting to you, please contact Jules to arrange your session.

With the necessary awareness and balances, you are then able to make different choices for yourself that will give and attract different results. Your body and energy will lighten up, and you will have clarity and direction. It is able to transform your life!

You are responsible for your life and the changes that happen in it. This is empowering to know and own!

If you need to be directed to other modalities or services, instead of or as well as Jules’ service, she is able to let you know that as well.

All V.I.P sessions will begin with a 55 minute Skype session in person, on the phone or on Skype.

If this all feels light and exciting to you, please contact Jules to arrange your session.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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