Emotionally Happy Homes

How Did I Get So Lucky?

Before I met Jules, I couldn’t tell you a time that I hadn’t felt insecure. My inner critic ran wild and free and was rarely positive, especially when I saw my reflection in the mirror. It wasn’t just my appearance that disappointed me, it was pretty much the whole package! What did I have to offer???

My relationships were completely co-dependent; I had no self worth and so couldn’t receive love. I blamed my partners for not loving me enough, then as the relationships crumbled, I clung so tightly as the fear of losing them and being alone was immeasurable.

When the universe brought me the gift of pregnancy it also brought with it a state of panic and anxiety. My belief in my inability to do anything well and my belief that I was unsupported and unsafe in the world made it a difficult and lonely time. It follows that I had post-natal depression, and a ten year relationship with anti-depressants developed.

Of course throughout these years I had read every self-development book, trying desperately to find some peace. Surely now into my mid thirties I would start to have some acceptance of who I was??? I had actually achieved much, and yet the insecurities and lack of energy hovered overhead like a thick grey rain-cloud..
I needed help, and eventually my prayers led me to Jules.

The first thing that I received from Jules was HOPE – and a PROMISE that everything would and could change. It wasn’t always going to be like this!
For the only time that I could remember I felt truly supported and safe!

As my journey continues, Jules’ amazing system enables me to clearly see what my emotional feelings and reactions are to past and present situations and people. It also gives me the awareness to know why I had these emotional reactions.

Now, I can THANK the years of insecurity, self-hate, self-destruction because all of it led me to Jules O’Neill which in turn led me to this moment: NOW, and the amazingness of my journey in this moment. I feel so blessed that I could experience this healing in this lifetime as ME!

More Gratitude

No More Doubt or Fear

I first started working with Jules about 4 years ago.
My acupuncturist recommended I attend one of her courses for ongoing aliments. I was unhappy with my situation and unsure how to empower myself to change.

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End to Son’s Regular Vomiting

My youngest son would vomit for 1 to 2 days every 3 to 4 weeks. We kept a record of his diet but there was no consistency between what he had eaten and the vomiting.
We took him to our Doctor who took blood and stool samples which all came back clear. I decided to use the charts and test him.

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Positive Outcome for Me and My Daughter

I cannot tell you how much last weekend meant. It was totally inspirational and very special for me and my daughter.
Going from 11/10 on a scale of how much she hated me to negative was pretty awesome.

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