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Freedom From Post Natal Depression

I started on my journey of dedicated growth 7 years ago after suffering from severe post natal depression and a marriage breakup.

I knew that there had to be a better way to heal than the traditional counselling and medication. I have had experiences with some amazing healers and guides over that time, but none have accelerated my progression like Jules O’Neill.

I am constantly amazed at the discoveries we make together and the limiting patterns and blocks that I have broken through since working with her. Her talents and ability to bring awareness to the deepest and most complex core issues are astonishing.

I am truly in awe and I will never fully be able to express my gratitude to her.

Thank you, Jules – you have helped me to change my life forever and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

With love always, Holly.

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Jules’ Workshop Was a Turning Point in My Life

Jules O’Neill’s workshop that I attended was a turning point in my life. Beforehand I felt worn out, disconnected from who I am and like my life had lost its luster.
Now I’m firmly back in the driver’s seat, with a full tank of fuel and the open road ahead of me – woohoo!

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Rescued From My Breakdown and Stopped Blaming My Family

Six weeks ago I felt like I was having an absolute breakdown. I was emotionally a mess, my husband was away on a conference for four days, I had just given up smoking, I was working long hours and I had lost touch with my daughter who I decided was the devil incarnated.

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Finding Life’s Purpose

When I started working with Jules O’Neill, I was struggling in my role as a carer. I had been caring for my husband who had been ill and unable to work for some time. He required a great deal of care but was a very proud man who did not want to need this sort of support.

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