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Free: MP3 Tips and Tools to Help You Soothe Emotional Stress in Yourself and at Home

These tips and tools and will:

Gives you lots of ideas on how to soothe emotional stress

How to handle intense emotions

Manage uncomfortable emotional situations

Assist in healing your body’s systems and organs

Gives vitality and longevity to your entire well-being, as well as the well-being of your family and friends

Shines light on the unconscious

Gives you ‘permission’ to make new ‘choices’ to live a happy authentic life – always and in all ways

Gives your mind the ability to focus on where to grow and what you love to do in your life

When you understand the energy of ‘emotional stress’, its gift, value and insight, you will realise that your emotional body is your strength and your accurate guidance system to your heart’s direction.

My 7 to 15 minute MP3’s aim to give you many options on how to positively manage your everyday emotional stress in your home. When you consistently take responsibility for your emotional stress you stay conscious and have a natural presence in the moment. Your communication is clear, honest and compassionate. You will learn how to feel calm and peaceful in your body, regardless of circumstances.

Examples of tips are:

The one about “Sharing and Opening Up At Home”

The one about “Air and Breathing”

The one about “Reactive Behaviours”

And many, many more!

New MP3’s are added regularly to the website. You will be emailed the updates of this library via a fortnightly newsletter.

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