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Your Monthly Emotional Horoscope!

This program is extremely helpful for emotional and sensitive people.

What you receive:

An MP3 you are able to stream or download, on the first day of each month talking to you about your ‘Personalised Detailed Emotional Focus and Plan of Action’ via your Numerology – (Your life path number and heart’s direction)

A Monthly Spiritual Growth to focus on via your Numerology, giving you understanding and solutions to the “why is this happening to me?” question we all have from time to time.

Value: $199.00 for a year’s renewable subscription

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Each month, I will give you a personal emotional forecast on what you will be emotionally facing and challenged with, for the month ahead. This is based on your personal life path number.

It will help you emotionally prepare yourself for that month, by giving you an emotional forecast on what to focus on and what to avoid.

You also will receive what reactions to be aware of, what actions to take AND the big “why is this happening to me?” spiritual reason! It’s so soothing to know the ‘why’ from a spiritual, non-judgmental, point of view.

It builds your emotional fitness in healthy ways. It creates you to feel internally confident in who you are, even in the emotionally wobbly times.

It will save you and your emotions from going into overwhelm, overdrive, addictions, blowing your fuse, regretting your actions and making a mess with those you love – especially yourself!

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