Emotionally Happy Homes

Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Body Consciousness is a brilliant product that gives me awareness, major life change and expansion. Jules and her incredible system helped me to embrace and understand the very thing that was holding me back from what I truly desire.

Through BC I could pinpoint exactly my block to experiencing expansive, fulfilling and harmonious relationships. I felt so much clarity after my treatment with Jules.

Thank you so much to Jules, I can’t thank you enough.

Naomi Baker, Melbourne.

More Gratitude

No More Doubt or Fear

I first started working with Jules about 4 years ago.
My acupuncturist recommended I attend one of her courses for ongoing aliments. I was unhappy with my situation and unsure how to empower myself to change.

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End to Son’s Regular Vomiting

My youngest son would vomit for 1 to 2 days every 3 to 4 weeks. We kept a record of his diet but there was no consistency between what he had eaten and the vomiting.
We took him to our Doctor who took blood and stool samples which all came back clear. I decided to use the charts and test him.

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Positive Outcome for Me and My Daughter

I cannot tell you how much last weekend meant. It was totally inspirational and very special for me and my daughter.
Going from 11/10 on a scale of how much she hated me to negative was pretty awesome.

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