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Conscious Classes

Helping You Create Emotionally HAPPY HOMES®

If you would love to improve your health, wellbeing, internal happiness and enjoy your relationships, becoming aware of your emotions and what they’re saying is so valuable!

The Conscious classes include two hours of awareness, exploration and conscious education on how to create emotional harmony in home and family! They are a wonderful opportunity to experience life changing shifts; when one body shifts, the opportunity is available for everyone to shift! If you desire harmony in your heart and your home and love a supportive and welcoming group environment, then you will love these classes.

These classes will support you with:

Transforming your emotional stress into conscious clarity.

Giving you a deeper understanding on what your emotional body is saying.

Transforming unconscious negative beliefs into new and uplifting ones so that you receive clarity with your heart’s direction.

Lots of ‘aha’ moments and helpful tips on happily living with others, being in relationships and most importantly creating a loving relationship with yourself.

Lots of conscious communication tips and techniques that can be used to create an emotionally happy home.

Understanding that the external stresses in your life, come from what is unresolved within you.

Raising your vibration and maintaining this in a home environment.

Knowing that life amazingly transforms and infinite possibilities become available when issues are resolved.

Jules looks forward to helping you unravel any emotional stress that is in the way of you following your heart’s dreams!

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